Help 2023

Ukraine aid

February 25/26, 2023 – Relief goods collection

27.02. – 01.03.2023 – Ukraine trip

March 2023 – Semi-trailer full of relief supplies

December 18/19, 2022 – Ukraine relief operation

Targeted help. Now.

Help from Steinbergkirche and Flensburg for people who need help today:

Relief supplies collection
February 25/26, 2023

Just like the collection of relief supplies in December 2022, our collection of relief supplies on February 25/26, 2023 in Steinbergkirche on the parking lot in front of the STOLZ department store and at the same time in Flensburg in cooperation with a doctor was a huge success!

February 27 – 29, 2023 Ukraine trip

An unprecedented amount of relief supplies have come together, overwhelming for all of us! We delivered the first part with 46m³ of relief goods on the evening of the 26 Februaryars loaded into 4 large vans, and us in the 9-member team for the departure on Monday morning. February 27 prepared in the direction of Ukraine!

Early in the morning on Monday 27th February the time had come, one day after the collection campaign we left Steinbergkirche with 4 fully loaded vans in the direction of the Ukrainian border.

Thanks to the vehicles manned by 2 drivers each, we were able to take turns, so we reached our hotel on the Ukrainian border after about 15 hours of driving.

Tuesday morning we went to the border. With the 4 vans and 46m³ of relief supplies we got across just fine! Together in the team, we then handed over the 46m³ of food, clothing, hygiene items and medical products to Ukrainians in Ukraine, whom we had already met personally.

In a short time all goods could be transferred from the 4 transporters into the provided Ukrainian truck.

All of these relief supplies were then driven directly by the Ukrainians to the east of the country, where they were distributed in a targeted manner.

Afterwards we went back to Poland across the border. In the afternoon, on February 28th, we all headed straight back to northern Germany, well rested. Exhausted but happy, we arrived home Wednesday morning! The tour once again touched us as a team, each and every one of us, because we know how much each piece of clothing helps and what each food box does, …and despite all the thoughtfulness and challenges, it was also really fun for us as a team and moved us forward as a group! Thank God, everything worked out great again in the end!

Many thanks to every single person who supported this action in the area of Steinbergkirche and Flensburg so warmly, so this vital help could reach some people in Ukraine specifically also this time!

Semi-trailer with another 85m³ of relief supplies

For the rest of the collected goods, it quickly became clear: we need a 40-ton tractor-trailer in addition to the 4 transporters!

No sooner said than done! The relief goods were sorted through in a hall in Steinbergkirche in March, the 40-ton truck with a load volume of 85m³ was organized, the transport is expected in Ukraine at the end of March. With this huge amount of donated aid, we bring food, clothing, hygiene items and medical products and technical equipment directly to Ukraine to the areas of the country where the aid is urgently and centrally needed. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Soon we’ll be moving on. Info about the next tour and what’s needed right now you’ll find here on the web and on Instagram @team4jc soon.

Thank you very much for your willingness! Your Team4JC